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Ben Stanton

Enrolled Agent • Financial Consultant

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Ben has always been an active part of his community. Along with his wife, Laura, and children Mariah, Bethany, and Micah, he enjoys camping, hiking, and volunteering as a coach for both soccer and basketball.

Ben moved to Flagstaff in 1983 to attend Northern Arizona University. There was never a question of what path his life would take. Becoming an accountant was always his dream. With the help of his friends, he opened Stanton Financial Services in 1997, after a severe bout of Guillain Barre syndrome, that left him temporarily paralyzed. He credits his full recovery to the love of his family and community.

Because of his genuine concern for his client’s financial well-being, he received his investment license in 1995, and his Enrolled Agent certification in 1999, with the goal in mind of providing the most comprehensive and inclusive financial support possible.

Ben has taken some time from his accounting practice to go on mission trips to Russia. His other volunteer activities, both with his church and other community organizations, keep him well-grounded and motivated. Ben is also the coach of the NPA wrestling team.